How effective are reusable face masks?

As the COVID-19 pandemic is in its second month, many employees are either working from home or are providing their services within the guidelines provided. The best gift that an organization could offer to its employees is reusable face masks.

Before opting these masks for gifts, it is essential to understand how effective these masks are.

Ensures basic protection

Reusable masks which are made of cloth or paper can serve essential protection to its user. These masks can be designed in many variants that can also provide fluid resistance. There are masks available that can filter bacteria more effectively.

Encourage People

When you distribute reusable masks, it will encourage people to wear masks. It will promote those also, who may not be infected and not show any such infectious symptom. It will highly support those people who do not wear any mask at all.

Seeing the situation that the country is facing, organizations need to deal with all this soon. It is the time for the organization to motivate its employees and for this reusable face masks are added in the list of Essential Gifts.

Filter Efficient

There are many varieties of these masks available, made from cotton that provide a significant percentage of filtration efficiency.

Risk reduction

Gifting these masks will significantly reduce the risk of spreading the virus, as the majority of the population will wear masks. It will also reduce the risk of spreading the virus by transmission among the public.


If people will use more masks and with this, if people will adopt physical distancing and personal hygiene, then the results will be beneficial. These masks can serve as a physical barrier to a person’s cough or sneezes.

Allows breathability

Filtration is essential but to allow breathability is also very much outstanding. These reusable masks are comfortable to breathe in because of the excellent quality of material used.

Prevent others too

The masks prevent the wearer from infecting others as they prevent the spread of respiratory droplets. And people will also not shy away from wearing masks and will avoid real risk. The masks will limit the spread of germs from an infected person to a healthy person.

An Impactful Purchase

Reusable face masks will protect employees and their family members. And the resources saved in making masks can be utilized in helping others too. The purchase of these masks will be impactful. The covers can also be donated for donating for free.

How effective are reusable face masks?

Act as a reminder

When more people use face masks, it will serve as a reminder for individuals to not touch their face and wash their hands in public settings. Therefore, you must go in for the decision of purchasing these soon!