Headphones splitter cables, jacks, and adapters are becoming increasingly popular with people who wish to share digital music with their friends. If you have ever wanted to share a song with someone who also has a pair of headphones, you could have used a headphones splitter. Using splitter headphones will allow you to connect two or three sets of headphones to one portable music player; certain headphones splitter even have their volume controls.

Headphone Splitter

The small headphones splitter device can be a small hard plastic jack splitter which includes a 3.5mm plug connecting to 2 stereo headphone sockets, and this allows 2 sets of headphones they have to have a 3.5 mm headphone jack connected to a single music player.

There are other designs of splitter headphones available including the Belkin speaker and Best headphone splitter which consists of a small cable with a jack plug on one end and a split cable arrangement with two stereo 3.5 mm headphones sockets on the other. This device is available incredibly cheaply from Amazon and allows you to connect portable stereo speakers to your music player as well as acting as a headphone splitter.

How to choose a Headphone Splitter Online

Top Best Headphone Splitter to Buy Online

Belkin offers another splitter headphone solution for use with audio equipment that has RCA jacks, for example, CD players, MP3 players, AV home cinema receivers and speakers. It connects to the device via the RCA jack using high-quality 24k gold plated connectors that provide maximum conductivity and prevent corrosion. This is a higher spec product designed for use with home hi-fi setups that do not degrade sound quality through the use of quality components. As well as a Best headphones splitter, this Belkin product can also be used to split speakers as well.

If you own a PlayStation Portable or PSP, there is a splitter headphone device available from Griffin that has individual volume controls for each pair of headphones.